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We're after something that's timeless. After the likes and contests fade away, we want our work to still be meaningful. There's purpose right in front of you and we want to help you grasp what it means to create imagery that really matters in the wedding industry.

Gathering is our attempt to create an intentional space where photographers can come, gather and reflect on the why that drives us to do what we do.

We started talking about this idea in summer 2016 and since then it's snowballed into something like a workshop (although we don't necessarily love the term workshop) but more so, a safe place - to grow, share and learn. A place to come and collect your thoughts on what it means to create meaningful imagery, renew your spirit, learn from the people around you, and ask yourself how you're going to approach the rest of your life.



what we'll be talking about

eastlyn bright gathering workshop finding intimacy

how to foster intimate

client relationships + experiences 

Your clients have their own personal touch, a touch that only they can give—the individual way in which they weave their own story into the tapestry of their wedding dayIn all its own beauty and real moments, their story will be there. It's our job to search it out.

We view wedding photography as a collaboration with your client rather than just a service. We'll talk about how to create intimate imagery, the importance of shooting for your client and not your audience, and the vital role of heartfelt and upfront communication.

crafting a business around story - from

marketing to Ideal clients to composition 

In the wedding industry today everyone is a storyteller, but few know what that really means. We're going to talk through the power and intentionality of storytelling when done in the right away and how to craft your entire business around the incredible concept of story.

 We'll be talking about shooting a wedding in a storytelling form, but also how to set up yourself up to find the right kind of clients, setting their expectations and getting your work in front of the right people - all in a storytelling and powerful way.

eastlyn bright iceland wedding engagement photographer gathering workshop

making photos that matter

(Your legacy - Why are you a wedding photographer?)

After all of the contests are over and the likes and followings die down, what's your purpose in photographing weddings? Why do we do what we do?  In our search for purpose in the wedding world, we're going to talk about what it means to create meaningful imagery and how that completely revolutionizes both approach and your day to day when it comes to social media, work-life balance and all the harder things of the freelance no one talks about.

iceland-wedding-photographer.jpg (1).jpg

Destination Weddings - How to jump in

strategies + travel

Travel is a huge part of what we both do and love—the mix of different cultures combined with marriage traditions is an incredible thing on a wedding day.

We'll share our personal steps to making this a reality, including building a travel portfolio, SEO, networking, budget travel tips, finding clients and the importance of being flexible when shooting destination work. 



a safe place - we'll have an open and vulnerable, full-collaborative discussion about the hard things in this industry



A styled shoot half day in one of the surrounding parks to jumpstart your destination wedding work! Portfolio for days


We believe that Gathering wouldn't be complete without a community live shoot experience to put into practice all of the things we'll be talking about at length in our discussions. To make the most of our time together, we're hosting a beautifully styled shoot that will encompass a lot of what we'll be talking about, giving you a hands-on experience that'll allow you to get some destination work into your portfolio. To give deeper insight into our process, you'll have a chance to see how the three of us direct and interact with clients while shooting before your creative freedom takes over. We're here to coach and help you in every step of the way.



Who we are

Eastlyn & Josh

Based out of Southwest Ohio, Eastlyn and Josh are a traveling husband and wife wedding photography team. They love how photography allows them to share their perspective with others in a way that not only captures what a moment looked like, but also what it felt like. After dabbling in many different forms of photography, they've found this can be applied to the best of their joint abilities in documentary wedding photography.

Together, they enjoy long road trips, camping and fast strenuous hiking, especially hikes that take them above timberline.

 (View Eastlyn and Josh's work here


Nicola is a wedding photographer who calls Nashville, TN home where she lives with her cute husband and husky pup. Wedding photography is currently her choice of art form and she loves to play with medium format and 35mm on the side. She strongly believes there's beauty in everything and that art is one of the most powerful tools of human communication. She's always tracking flight prices to see where they can travel to next.

Days off at home always include excess amounts of coffee, Friends episodes and hikes through the woods. 

(View Nicola's work here)  



Where, when, what and all the little things

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The next gathering workshop is taking place in

Palm Springs, CA // monday through thursday, November 6-8, 2017 // $650 

With spots still open!

...But don't wait too long—we find that the best conversation usually happens in smaller groups, so we want to keep this intimate. If efforts to do this, we're capping the group at about 10-15 people for the most quality time.

Monday night will be our kick-off - we'll all meet up and get to know each other over drinks before diving in Tuesday. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we'll go from 9am until evening each day, learning and talking and planning and pushing ourselves forward.  Each seat includes meals and our base will be this gorgeous home in Palm Springs (with a pool!) You can opt to either purchase a ticket that includes accommodation with us at the house or you can find your own. Whichever fits you best. Thursday morning we'll share breakfast and debrief before we all depart for home. 

Why Palm Springs? Easily accessible and surrounded by incredible, diverse landscape, we think Palm Springs is the perfect backdrop for Gathering workshop in November 2017. The house is only 5 minutes from the Palm Springs International Airport, and only 2 hours from LAX or San Diego or 4 hours from Vegas or Phoenix; Palm Springs will be an incredible getaway for us to grow our businesses and renew our spirits at the end of the year.

Find your own accommodation // Seats are $650 

Stay with us at the house // seats + lodging start at $740

Gathering - location.jpeg

reviews from past Gathering attendees

"This weekend at Gathering workshop breathed new life into everything. I've never felt so at peace with my business, my craft and myself. I feel content to do exactly what I want to do, exactly how I want to do it, and was wholeheartedly validated in that calling by some truly amazing people. 2017 looks like forging lasting relationships with my couples. It looks like realizing that what I care about is people: the photographers and other artists I've met on this journey, and the couples who have trusted me to tell their story. It looks like refusing to play a game, and surrendering to what's real and feels right. 2017 looks beautiful. Thank you, Gathering workshop, for helping me to get there." --Elli McGuire

"I went to the Gathering asking myself, “why do I need to be here?” My question was soon answered as we begun the discussion on topics like, “Finding the Intimacy." Over the course of the discussion I was blown away by how much I was learning! ...After an incredible discussion that lasted for hours I finally had a glimpse of how I could create something meaningful as a photographer. Soon after the discussion we had a live shoot that allowed all of us to apply what we've learned. More importantly, it allowed me to observe how others photographed and what worked for them. This was very insightful because I am so young in my journey as a photographer. The coolest part was that it felt “safe” to shoot with the group because we were all trying to get better. Photography has the potential to be very vulnerable and I was very thankful that I felt like I could express and allow my subjects to express who they were without feeling threatened. 
I walked away from Gathering as a better photographer because I finally had some tools that would allow me to discover with confidence the essence of the couples that I photograph. Gathering is a fun, enjoyable workshop that gives insight to new and seasoned photographers on how to create something meaningful. "
--Michael Derrick

"We had such an inspiring experience at the Gathering with Eastlyn, Josh, and Nicola. They put so much hard work into stressing how important authenticity and intimacy are when photographing love, and creating meaningful, lasting moments. The content was full of encouragement and helpful advice, and hanging out with a dozen or so fellow creatives in the small, intimate setting made it less intimidating to ask questions, and really formed a strong connection with everyone, as well as learning. It was full of practical information, as well as inspiring encouragement and stories. We learned so much and can’t wait to continue to grow our business and inspire and encourage others in the way these three have done so for us."

-- Michaela & Luke Donaldson

I feel so refreshed and inspired by my time at Gathering in Nashville ... through awesome guidance, I have a renewed spirit and a clearer vision for the future of my work, my business, and honestly, my life. The Gathering was so needed. I can't begin to express my gratitude and love for each of the amazing photographers - and new friends - I met ... Eastlyn, Josh and Nicola, you rock. Thank you."

--Tessa Brediger


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